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 a party purchases some quantity of one currency by paying some quantity of another currency. The what is forex trading modern foreign exchange market began forming during the 1970s after three decades of government restrictions on foreign exchange transactions (the Bretton Woods system of monetary management established the rules for commercial and financial what is forex trading relations among the world's what is forex trading major industrial states after World War II), when countries gradually switched to floating exchange rates from the previous what is forex trading exchange rate regime, which remained fixed as per the Bretton Woods system

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forex rates

The foreign exchange market assists international trade and investment by enabling currency conversion. For example, it permits a business in the United States to import goods from the European Union member states, especially Eurozone members, and pay Euros, even forex rates though its income is in United States dollars. It also supports direct speculation in the value of currencies, and the carry trade, speculation based on the interest rate differential between two currencie

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